CMS Management
CMS Management

At Dulawat Technosys, we maintain, customize and develop WordPress/Joomla and other Content Management Systems with unique platforms for every type of business. Our experts are trained to utilize all the CMS’ frameworks that exist. We specialize in building sites that are for niche industries, such as; real estate websites, auction websites, dating sites, “Wiki” based sites, directory and classified websites.

From large eCommerce sites needing a shopping cart platform to a family retail business, that warrants a strong social media platform; your Dulawat Technosys designed website will be custom designed to provide a state of the art online presence. This means your website will be built using the best content management solution for your particular needs.

What is CMS?

A content management system is software that controls all your website content, similar to your local public library keeping track of books and storing them. Content is simple text, videos, photos, documents, music, whatever your company’s website needs.A CMS built website is easy to manage and many are open source/free. What a content management system simply does is create a backend administration panel to control and edit your website.Content Management systems are also used to manage users, secure portions of your website and many other things.

The two most popular open source CMS platforms are WordPress and Joomla. We recommend both. Here is why-


WordPress operates 14% of the world’s top million websites, over 50% of all websites with a CMS, and over 22 out of every 100 active domains in the US. Obviously, this kind of popularity means it is a great option for a lot of businesses. WordPress’s popularity is due to its affordability as well as the ability to easily customize the platform using “plugins” to add specific functionality to your site. If there is no ‘plug in’ that fits your company’s needs, we will customize or develop one for you. We can add a business directory, newsletter management, forums, a gallery, shopping cart integration, and much more.

The experts at Dulawat Technosys can utilize WordPress for Business Websites, Shopping Cart Websites, News Portals, Blogs, and Responsive Websites. Our experienced team of professionals are at the ready to satisfy all of your WP website needs. Don’t waste time with inexperienced developers. All of our programmers who work on the WordPress platform are experienced experts with the WP framework, PHP development and MySQL development.


Joomla is a Content Management System, which allows for flexible site management of complex websites. The Dulawat Technosys team recommends Joomla for site owners who need a little something more than just a basic site. We are experienced at adapting Joomla to many types of businesses especially e-Commerce and subscription service websites.

“Joomla has won the Packt Publishing Best Open Source Content Management System two years in a row.”

One of the major reasons for its success is that it is highly supported by both a strong developer community as well as a big user community. This translates to fewer security problems and greater stability.

Joomla also has a built in membership management, so you can control public or private access; therefore it is good for businesses that require different user access permissions for different users. Its extensions, similar to WP’s plug ins; create powerful software for many businesses. If there are no extensions available to meet your needs, we can custom develop something for you. As with WP, we can add a business directory, newsletter management, forums, a gallery, a basic shopping cart, and much more.

When developing a Joomla site, as well as building or maintaining one, it is essential to have professionals create the perfect site for you. Make sure your Joomla based website is developed and managed by an expert who understands how to best utilize the available technologies built into the Joomla CMS.

Let the experts at Dulawat Technosys develop, build and manage your CMS websites, whether you’re building a WP, Joomla or a completely different CMS that better fits your company’s needs, Dulawat Technosys can accomplish the task. There are many web designers out there, but can they create the right website for you? With Dulawat Technosys you can be confident that your website will be state of the art, highly functioning and most important- inviting and engaging to your potential and loyal clients.